Movement strategy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Diversity of Tactics

NOTE: this workshop changed slightly in its form and will now be in Dutch. Hoe bouw je een diverse beweging waarin verschillende soorten campagnes, acties en groepen elkaar kunnen aanvullen en versterken in plaats van in de weg zitten? We gaan in gesprek met iemand uit de radicale beweging uit de jaren 80 en mensen die nu actief zijn binnen de klimaatbeweging.

Barricade (ACU) – Strategies for the housing struggle

During this conversation, different action groups and individuals fighting for livable housing in different cities in the Netherlands will share their struggles and tactics, and discuss the next steps towards housing for all.

Reflecting on Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has an extreme stance on actions organised under its name: non-violent mass civil disobedience to disrupt – but also cooperation with the police. Where does this insistence on this tactic come from, and where to go from here?

Fossil Free Culture: Disobedient Art How To

In this workshop, we will explore ‘Disobedient Art’ - merging art and activism into new forms of resistance - as a strategy to generate affect and effect.

The Organizing Model: A Recipe for Grassroots Movements?

How does the (union) 'organising' model work out in practice? How democratic and self-steering are the organized workers actually? And does it generate lasting movements, or are the celebrated successes only temporary? Workplace and community orgnisers and workers discuss.

Thank you for calling

Why is calling out oppressive behavior in white normative left wing activist spaces so difficult? Why are dominant groups within movement spaces trying to silence marginalized people who call out oppressive behavior? (spoiler: fragility)

Manarchists Interrupted

Workshop waar we haantjesgedrag analyseren en oefenen met het doorbreken van het patriarchale superioriteitsgevoel binnen de beweging.