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Diederick van den Ende (Queers4Climate NL)

Diederick van den Ende is a lecturer at Liberal Arts & Sciences and Gender Studies, and an affiliated researcher at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) at Utrecht University. His main fields of research are human rights diplomacy, climate diplomacy, and interdisciplinarity from queer, feminist, and postcolonial theory. He has also participated in studies on diversity in the Dutch media landscape. Diederick is active in Queers4Climate NL and Don’t Agonise, Organise! among others.

Queers4Climate NL – LGBTQIA* folks in the Netherlands who stand against climate breakdown and self-organize for a liveable planet for our communities and species of all kinds.

2.Dh5: Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

1 - 2 februari

De veertiende editie van het jaarlijkse 2.Dh5 Festival komt in 1 en 2 februari naar BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, met het thema 'Defeating Dystopia?'.

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februari 2020

za 1 feb : 14:00 - 15:15

Feminist and intersectional takes on the climate crisis

In this interactive workshop intersectional feminist researcher Karijn van den Berg is joined by several activists, organisers and thinkers to discuss and strengthen feminist intersectional approaches to our current socio-ecological crises. We will discuss the importance of intersectional action for climate justice, connecting with other issues and movements, and how to put this into practice.

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