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Karel de Kleijne

Karel de Kleijne (she) is a privileged, white, thin, cis-het woman, diagnosed with Asperger’s. She is one of the co-founders of TU Delft Feminists and has been amongst other groups involved in Code Rood and Fossil Free Culture. She makes activist teapots. Climate justice, intersectionality, decolonization and the responsibility of white people within decolonization interest her a lot. She has been recently kicked out De Nederlandse Klimaatbeweging-facebook group for calling out the racism of the moderation team.

2.Dh5: Amsterdam 2019 - Power

Amsterdam 2019 - Power

22 - 24 februari

De dertiende editie van het jaarlijkse 2.Dh5 Festival komt in februari 2019 weer naar Amsterdam, met dit jaar het thema 'power'.

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februari 2019

za 23 feb : 10:30 - 11:45

Thank you for calling

Why is calling out oppressive behavior in white normative left wing activist spaces so difficult? Why are dominant groups within movement spaces trying to silence marginalized people who call out oppressive behavior? (spoiler: fragility)

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