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Solidarity - Amsterdam 2024

2.Dh5 Festival 2019 in Amsterdam about “Power”

2.Dh5 Festival is back in Amsterdam in February of 2019, this edition is all about ‘Power’.

Are you interested in feminism, queer, anti-racism, anti-fascism, de-colonisation, anti-militarism, international solidarity, climate/ecology, labour & class struggles, migration/no-border, internet freedom/privacy, right to the city/gentrification and all their intersections?

2.Dh5 brings together different groups, campaigns and individuals who are active around the themes mentioned and wants to contribute to building a broad left-wing extra-parliamentary movements. In dozens of workshops, discussions, lectures, we will talk about these action themes and strategies. Focused on radical theory and analysis as well as providing practical tools to turn ideals into action. In this way we can meet other activists, organize ourselves better, take more effective action and forge new plans to bring closer our ideals of a free and inclusive society.

Admission: voluntary contribution, suggestion is 5 euros.
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