2.Dh5 Festival 2019 in Amsterdam about “Power”

2.Dh5 Festival is back in Amsterdam in February of 2019, this edition is all about ‘Power’. Are you interested in feminism, queer, anti-racism, anti-fascism, de-colonisation, anti-militarism, international solidarity, climate/ecology, labour & class struggles, migration/no-border, internet freedom/privacy, right to the city/gentrification and all their intersections? 2.Dh5 brings together different groups, campaigns and individuals who are active … Continued

Stands at 2.Dh5

All weekend there will be a 2.Dh5 info-stand. Also, 2.Dh5 will be hosting info stands of the following groups and organisations all weekend: Fort van Sjakoo Radical book store specialized in libertarian and radical ideas from the first to the fifth world and beyond. We are there to provide you with information ranging from the … Continued

The programme has been announced

Digital security: practical knowledge for online activists (PUSCII) The Civil Side of the Rojava Revolution: a presentation by returning civil volunteers (Peter Loo and Sarah Patton – Plan C, UK) Decolonisation (Speaker to be announced) Radikal Queer Activisms in times of LGBT conservatism (So, Olave & Marten – Reclaim our Pride network) Feminisme breekt de … Continued

Report: Hambacher Forest & Ende Gelände

Ende Gelände (EG) A link to their website: https://www.ende-gelaende.org/en/ Last year, 1.300 people joined in to stop the coal mining for a day. This took 1.5 years of organization. ‘Resistance Rheinland’ started 6 years ago as a really small group. They started to organize climate camps and their first acts of civil disobedience. From this, … Continued

2.Dh5 returns to Amsterdam in 2018

2.Dh5 is back! After a year’s pause, the 12th edition will take place in the weekend of February 9 to 11 in OT301 in Amsterdam, with a programme full of workshops, discussion and talks about strategies, campaigns and in-depth analysis. Focusing on the future, and searching for escape routes from this biting right-wing winter. But … Continued