Report: Hambacher Forest & Ende Gelände

Ende Gelände (EG) A link to their website: Last year, 1.300 people joined in to stop the coal mining for a day. This took 1.5 years of organization. ‘Resistance Rheinland’ started 6 years ago as a really small group. They started to organize climate camps and their first acts of civil disobedience. From this, … Continued

2.Dh5 returns to Amsterdam in 2018

2.Dh5 is back! After a year’s pause, the 12th edition will take place in the weekend of February 9 to 11 in OT301 in Amsterdam, with a programme full of workshops, discussion and talks about strategies, campaigns and in-depth analysis. Focusing on the future, and searching for escape routes from this biting right-wing winter. But … Continued