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Solidarity - Amsterdam 2024

International solidarity cinema at Filmhuis Cavia

Two-day film program of international solidarity focused cinema, in collaboration with Filmhuis Cavia and Reclaim the Seeds.

Filmhuis Cavia
Van Hallstraat 52-I, Amsterdam

(NL⬇️) On the 16th and 17th February, a week before the main festival program, we have prepared a two-day film program of international solidarity focused cinema, in collaboration with Filmhuis Cavia and Reclaim the Seeds. Come to see films and join post-screening discussions with some of the filmmakers.

20:00 on Friday 16th

“In Plain Sight” (Tanin Torabi, 2021, Iran)

“A Letter Home” (Yadykar Ibraimov, Kazakhstan / East Turkistan, 2021),

17:00 on Saturday 17th

“Wild Relatives” (Jumana Manna, Lebanon / Norway, 2018).

Tickets will be available on the day at the entrance of Cavia.

More films will be added to the program in the coming days. Check the website of 2.Dh5 or Filmhuis Cavia for updates.

A still from a film, depicting two women in hijab on a street, their hands outstretched backwards in a dance gesture

In Plain Sight

Tanin Torabi | 2021 | Iran | 10’ 31’’ | No subtitles

In Plain Sight is a film made by Tanin Torabi in a public space in Tehran. Here, her two main motifs are inspired by sitting, tying up shoe laces and fixing the mandatory hijab on one’s head. […] The performers question what distinguishes dance from everyday movement in the female body, and how or when “normal” quotidian movements turn into transgressive acts of dance. Their conclusion was insightful: “Of course the cultural codes also depend on where and how you were raised. But we realized growing up in Iran, we somehow know, bodily, where the red lines are!” Tanin not only plays with everyday movements as her motifs, but in addition, the costumes she chooses are ordinary urban outfits. In doing so, she prevents the dancing body from being easily spotted. By not standing out, the female dancer has more space to blend in when needed. In addition, she makes a statement by not distinguishing herself from ordinary people. She remains one of many, and as in her performance Derive, transgression stays transient, camouflaged and hopefully safe from censorship.

— quoted from “Dancing into Alternative Realities: Gender, Dance, and Public Space in Contemporary Iran” by Saba Zavarei in Field Journal

A still image from a film, depicting a tree in a field and a person in the distance

A Letter Home

Yadykar Ibraimov | Kazakhstan / East Turkistan | 2021 | 10’ 24’’ | No subtitles

Ramil and Yadykar travel to the border of West and East Turkistan to link them through audio messages. In the steppe, the traveler or nomad were often the only connection between people in the countryside and the wider world. In these times of wireless Internet, it seemed that there was no longer any need or place for such messengers – but that has been proven wrong. The film shows the journey to broadcast voices from people all over the world to the Uyghur homeland, in an act to show that borders have always been and will always be contingent.

Still image from Wild Relatives by Jumana Manna, depicting people working a field, with trees and hills in the backgrounds

Wild Relatives

Jumana Manna | Lebanon / Norway | 2018 | 64’’ | English subtitles

Deep in the earth beneath the Arctic permafrost, seeds from all over the world are stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to provide a backup should disaster strike. Wild Relatives starts from an event that has sparked media interest worldwide: in 2012 an international agricultural research center was forced to relocate from Aleppo to Lebanon due to the Syrian Revolution turned war, and began a laborious process of planting their seed collection from the Svalbard back-ups. Following the path of this transaction of seeds between the Arctic and Lebanon, a series of encounters unfold a matrix of human and non-human lives between these two distant spots of the earth. It captures the articulation between this large-scale international initiative and its local implementation in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, carried out primarily by young migrant women. The meditative pace patiently teases out tensions between state and individual, industrial and organic approaches to seed saving, climate change and biodiversity, witnessed through the journey of these seeds.


Op 16 en 17 februari, een week voor het hoofdfestivalprogramma, hebben we een tweedaags filmprogramma van internationaal solidariteitsgerichte cinema voorbereid, in samenwerking met Filmhuis Cavia en Reclaim the Seeds. Kom films zien en neem deel aan post-screening discussies met enkele van de filmmakers.

20:00 op Vrijdag 16e

“In Plain Sight” (Tanin Torabi, 2021, Iran)

“A Letter Home” (Yadykar Ibraimov, Kazakhstan / East Turkistan, 2021),

17:00 op Zaterdag 17e

“Wild Relatives” (Jumana Manna, Lebanon / Norway, 2018).

Tickets zijn op de dag verkrijgbaar bij de ingang van Cavia.

Het momenteel bevestigde programma bevat “In Plain Sight” (Tanin Torabi, 2021, Iran), “A Letter Home” (Yadykar Ibraimov, Kazachstan / Oost-Turkistan, 2021), “Wild Relatives” (Jumana Manna, Libanon / Noorwegen, 2018).

De komende dagen zullen er meer films aan het programma worden toegevoegd. Kijk op de website van 2.Dh5 of Filmhuis Cavia voor updates.