Do not accept the things you cannot change. Change the things you cannot accept ― Angela DavisWhat matters is not to know the world but to change it. ― Frantz FanonIf the climate were a bank, it would have been saved ― Naomi KleinThere is a princess in all our heads: she must be destroyed. ― Laurie Penny

2.Dh5: Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam 2018

9 February, 2018 - 11 February, 2018

2.Dh5 is back! After a year’s pause, the 12th edition will take place in February 2018 in OT301 in Amsterdam, with a programme full of workshops, discussion and talks about strategies, campaigns and in-depth analysis.

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Opening 2.Dh5 Festival 2018

Traditional opening of the festival with music, poetry, a quiz en more.

Alt-Right: Old wine in new bottles?

From the 1960s hippies via 1980s punks to today's Meme Wars, all Western countercultures involved, to some degree, extreme-right actors. This talk will survey a visual cultural history of extreme-right transgression and reflect on cyberlibertarianism as a trailblazer for the contemporary Alt-Right.

Feminisme breekt de Mainstream

Drie jonge, feministische initiatieven vertellen over het hoe en waarom van hun organisatie. Hoe hebben zij hun initiatief opgezet? En waarom? Wat werkt, en wat niet? Op welke manier bereiken ze hun doel? En waarom is het zo broodnodig om een alternatief te hebben voor de witte mannelijke shit die we nomaal te horen en te zien krijgen?

The global economy at a tipping point

Howard Nicolas will speak on the shift in global economic power – the rise of the rest, global business cycles – long and short, recent global economic trends – the China factor, and the elephant in the room - unprecedented global liquidity and debt.

The Anarchist Struggle for the Right to be Different

How to fight increasing repression towards people who are (deemed) mentally different and work towards a more free society through building voluntary solidarity networks of mutual support to avoid and abolish coercive measures.

Manarchists Interrupted

Workshop waar we haantjesgedrag analyseren en oefenen met het doorbreken van het patriarchale superioriteitsgevoel binnen de beweging.

Space for your own initiative: Open Space

This interactive ‘open space’ will provide a space where your own initiative, idea, action plan, or discussion can be set up, so you can find people to join in. In this way we hope that 2.Dh5 will provide a space where concrete initiative will take root, as well as providing a space for people who we couldn’t fit in the rest of the programme.


's Avonds verplaatsen we naar de Vondelbunker om bij te komen, te praten en te feesten! Met live-muziek, djs en wellicht ronkende speeches!

Radikal Queer Activisms in times of LGBT conservatism

Interactive workshop exploring the (im)possibilities for radikal queer activisms in times where the political LGBTQI agenda is increasingly taken over by right wing groups and multinational corporations.