2.Dh5: Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

1 February, 2020 - 2 February, 2020

The fourteenth edition of the yearly 2.Dh5 festival is coming to BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht on 1 and 2 February, with the theme "Defeating Dystopia?"

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Opening 2.Dh5

Opening van 2.Dh5 2020 met welkomstwoord door BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

Does the future have to be incorporated?

Political economist Laura Horn will lead a workshop on possibilities for freedom inside and beyond capitalism. How can Sci-Fi help us break out of capitalist realism and show alternatives to dystopias?


Is offered at cost prices and are prepared by the Basic Activist Kitchen, Taste Before You Waste, and other local collectives.

Data-mining the far-right

A brief excursion through various techniques to collect and analyse datasets from online far-right platforms. How can computational methods help to understand and counter far-right politics?

Feminist & intersectional takes on the climate crisis

In this interactive workshop intersectional feminist researcher Karijn van den Berg is joined by several activists, organisers and thinkers to discuss and strengthen feminist intersectional approaches to our current socio-ecological crises. We will discuss the importance of intersectional action for climate justice, connecting with other issues and movements, and how to put this into practice.

Building a Transportation Commons: The Carry Goods Network

We are setting up a network to transport goods. Starting from a more people- and life-friendly do-it-together-approach. For this transport commons, we are developing a community, a structure and a storyline. So, let's move-it-together!

Surveillance capitalism and the future of data activism

This talk explores how citizens, social change activists, and variably skilled users engage with datafication looking at emerging practices of "data activism”. It takes stock of the main tendencies we observe on the field, and surveys emerging areas such as algorithmic activism and device activism.

Fossil Free Culture: Disobedient Art How To

In this workshop, we will explore ‘Disobedient Art’ - merging art and activism into new forms of resistance - as a strategy to generate affect and effect.

Art, Joy and Utopian Imagination

Done with dystopia? Let go. And then let go again. Join Fossil Free Culture NL for a panel on the joy to be found in shifting the paradigm, and art as a vital necessity to imagine other possible futures. The panel is not a panel. Though there will be talking. You might even find yourself sharing words at some point. Join, discuss and let go!

Poison Paradise Party (ACU)

Dinner (Taste Before You Waste), spoken word, upcoming action horizon extravaganza, protest songs, antifa hip hop and DJ sets: Marikit, MC Mustaj, Joke Kaviaar, Batta, Kai, specially awkward B2B DJ set from Dis-graCe & DisComFort, closing by Deadwave Radio.

Reflecting on Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has an extreme stance on actions organised under its name: non-violent mass civil disobedience to disrupt – but also cooperation with the police. Where does this insistence on this tactic come from, and where to go from here?

Lessons from Rojava

Internationalists discuss their experiences in Rojava, the ideology and structure of the Rojava Revolution and the current situation of the region. What can we in a European context learn from northern Syria? Particular emphasis on the women's revolution.


Is offered at cost prices and are prepared by the Basic Activist Kitchen, Taste Before You Waste, and other local collectives.

Fighting industrial agriculture

Industrial Agriculture is responsible for half of all global greenhouse gas emissions and upholding colonial practices by using it's enormous lobbying power to trap farmers into cycles of debt and dependence.But knowledge is power, and understanding these systems can help us to take direct action to create food autonomy.

Dystopia war gaming

What if it all goes down? What if the revolution never comes and the shit hits the fan? In the darkness of the unimaginable and the predictable, will we sit and cry? Hell, no. Let's play war gaming! We will imagine several dystopian scenario's and our answers to them. Bring it on.

Climate change, conflict and migration

Panel discussion about the future of the nexus climate change, energy security, migration, (armed) conflict and arms trade. Why should social movements active on these subjects work together and how can we cooperate to tackle the intertwined issues?

Barricade (ACU) – Strategies for the housing struggle

During this conversation, different action groups and individuals fighting for livable housing in different cities in the Netherlands will share their struggles and tactics, and discuss the next steps towards housing for all.

Pasthéi (ACU): Movie screening

To close the 2.Dh5 festival, we will screen a movie on the theme of defeating dystopia. Movie will be announced later on our website/during the Barricade dinner!