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2.Dh5: Amsterdam 2019 - Power

Amsterdam 2019 - Power

22 February, 2019 - 24 February, 2019

2.Dh5 Festival is back in OT310 in Amsterdam from 22-24 February 2019, this edition is all about 'Power'.

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February 2019

Fri 22 Feb, 2019 : 20:30

Opening 2.Dh5 Festival 2019 – Power

De aftrap van het 2.Dh5 Festival! Met de traditionele Marretje Arents Quiz, dichters en muziek! (LET OP! Alternatieve locatie: Voormalig Handelsbladcomplex, Paleisstraat, 107, Amsterdam)

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 10:30 - 11:45

The Organizing Model: A Recipe for Grassroots Movements?

How does the (union) 'organising' model work out in practice? How democratic and self-steering are the organized workers actually? And does it generate lasting movements, or are the celebrated successes only temporary? Workplace and community orgnisers and workers discuss.

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 10:30 - 11:45

The rise of the far-right and fascism today

How can we understand this global rise of the far-right? How can we best understand the project of FvD? How can we build the broad anti-fascist coalition which is needed to counter this threath?

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 10:30 - 11:45

Thank you for calling

Why is calling out oppressive behavior in white normative left wing activist spaces so difficult? Why are dominant groups within movement spaces trying to silence marginalized people who call out oppressive behavior? (spoiler: fragility)

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 12:00 - 13:30


Mental gymnastics and finger training! How does a lock work on the inside? En how many years does it take to open a lock without a key, using only self-made equipment? You'll find out and practice it in this workshops!

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 12:00 - 13:30

Constructing narratives for change / Learning from the Zapatistas

Taking the Zapatista uprising as an example Jorge DS explains what we can learn from the their use of narrative and rhetoric in making social change. Jerry Afriyie (Nederland Wordt Beter/KOZP) and Harriet Bergman (Code Rood) will reflect on their own experiences in the Netherlands. Moderator: Merel de Buck

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 14:30 - 16:15

PoC Caucus

Conversation space reserved for people of color; subjects to be decided by the participants themselves.

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 16:30 - 17:45

Difficult Solidarity: When The Left Comes To Power

Discussion about how to act as solidarity activists when the left comes to power and claims to need support for their policies. We alos want to have a critical debate on the state of Dutch initiatives for international solidarity.

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 16:30 - 17:45

Fossil Free Culture: Disobedient Art How To

In this workshop, we will explore 'Disobedient Art' -merging art and activism into new forms of resistance- as a strategy to generate affect and effect.

Sat 23 Feb, 2019 : 21:00 - Sun 24 Feb, 2019 : 03:00

Saturday night party: Performances and DJs

In OT301 with: Zea (Eclectic strange-edge monotype), Kanipchen-Fit (Funky Protest Poetry Blues), Trikosis (Anarcho klezmer folk), Dj's: no28/PVSP, Ultramars/NHC, Power vs Power /OT301, Vj: Nuns with Guns / ADM

Sun 24 Feb, 2019 : 11:30 - 13:00

Ecocide, rights for nature, landscape restoration in Andalusië

The South-East of Spain is under threat of climate change and over-exploitation of natural resources. This talk will focus on how local inhabitants are using landscape restoration and legal struggles to fight back.

Sun 24 Feb, 2019 : 15:30 - 16:45

Rhythms of Resistance

In this workshop we will teach some drum beats, so you can join any action with a Rhythms band, no matter where it is. Join the groove!

Sun 24 Feb, 2019 : 15:30 - 16:45

Mad Anarchy: Defending The Right to be Different

We will collectively explore ways to smash another dimension of hierarchy and domination: that between normal and abnormal, or sane and mad.

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