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Solidarity - Amsterdam 2024

2.Dh5 returns to Amsterdam in 2018

2.Dh5 is back! After a year’s pause, the 12th edition will take place in the weekend of February 9 to 11 in OT301 in Amsterdam, with a programme full of workshops, discussion and talks about strategies, campaigns and in-depth analysis. Focusing on the future, and searching for escape routes from this biting right-wing winter. But also a space to catch up with fellow world-changers and cook up some new plans together.

At the time of writing, the programme for the weekend is still under development. This year, we’re focusing on struggles around feminism, queer, anti-racism, anti-fascism, decolonialism, anti-militarism, international solidarity, climate/ecology, labour, migration/no-border, internet freedom/privacy, right to the city/gentrification and all their intersections. The programme will also focus on the practicalities and problems that surround organising and activism, and there will be a cultural programme and a awesome party in the evenings. We will be announcing the first part of the programme halfway through December. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page.

The last edition of 2.Dh5 took place early 2016 in Maastricht. Over the past year, we have been reorienting ourselves by asking you what it would take for 2.Dh5 to make a better contribution to the movements in the Netherlands. The input we received resulted in several key points that we aim to integrate in this year’s edition, namely: developing more representation and connections with people of colour and their struggles; better structuring of the programme; more in-depth discussions; and an extra focus on accessibility.

Please get in touch if you have a concrete idea for a workshop, or if you have any questions regarding accessibility. We will then see together how to best accommodate you. If there is enough demand, we will provide a children’s programme. However, this will only be possible with enough requests, so sign up here: Also, there will sleeping spaces in Amsterdam at walking distance from the Venue OT30. Sign up here