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Solidarity - Amsterdam 2024

Out of the Frying Pan – Into the Fire – 2.Dh5 Festival 2021

The 2.Dh5 Festival is an annual gathering for world changers from the Netherlands and beyond, a place to discuss grassroots campaigns alongside the radical tactics and methods that move us closer towards our ideal of a society based on freedom and solidarity. In response to corona restrictions, the format of the 2021 2. Dh5 festival is taking on a new form, with details to be announced within the next month. Keep an eye on our here on our site, on Facebook and on our brand new Instagram page for future announcements and information.

 In the interim, we present the theme for the fifteenth edition of 2.Dh5:

“Out of the Frying Pan – Into the Fire” 

This old saying expresses what many have experienced over the course of 2020 – a sense that ‘politics as usual’ is moving from a bad situation to one that is even worse. For many of us, this is not a new feeling – the survival of our comrades and communities has required years of resistance to situations that always seem to go from bad to worse, despite the valiant efforts of our ‘politics as usual.’ 

The shock of COVID-19 has uprooted all of our lives in many different ways and the impact of this crisis will continue to define life for the foreseeable future. What will the world look like after Corona and how will our politics fit into this future? Are we on the brink of yet another worldwide economic crisis, the proportions of which we’ve never seen before?  And what to do about the ongoing climate breakdown that looms foreboding on humanity’s horizon? 

Change is coming whether we like it or not, that much is clear. The question that remains is what political forms, alliances and commitments we will be able to create together. ‘Out of the frying pan – into the fire expresses many shared anxieties resulting from the current array of catastrophes. But it is also an incitement for us to ‘play with fire’ in our political practices, for us to ‘fan the flames of our discontent,’ and for us to ‘fire up’ new forms of resistance and transformative change. We all may be headed