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Comfortably numb: perspectives on action within geographic contexts

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Sun 28 Feb : 10:30 12:15

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How does the experience of organizing, direct action, research, and other political activity relate to the local and historical contexts in which they exist? What can activists in different cultures and political climates find different or common, what lessons can they learn from each other’s experience? How does it relate to one’s position in the neocolonial global North/South divide?

Activists and researchers in various geographic, economic, and political contexts face struggles that are similar in nature, but manifest in widely different ways. That leads people to find unique approaches, and create new ways of organization. Can sharing their perspectives and experience help others? Can their tacticts and approaches cross borders and evolve, adapting to new contexts?

Social and political organizing is changing in an increasingly globalized world. One one hand, communication between activists, groups, and entire movements is materially easier through social media and other technologies. On the other, it’s ever-harder to share meaningful information and experience. How do approaches to international support and solidarity change, and what can be done to adapt them to the future?

How can action continue countering apathy? Whereas in some places depoliticized people are referred to as “too comfortable and complacent, believeing things are good enough as is”, in others they are explained to “not enough the time and energy, as life is hard enough”. Yet many groups continue to find ways of spreading information, informing, and recruiting. Does that rely on similar tacticts, and can some of them be shared?

Speakers from different parts of the world will join up to discuss, share, and explain their experience.

Marina and Kasia, Abortion Network Amsterdam (Netherlands / Poland)

Suinbike Suleimenova, art activist (Almaty – Kazakhstan)