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Now is the Time of Monsters - Amsterdam 2023

Agroecology Resistance - in collaboration with Filmhuis Cavia & ASEED

Location Filmhuis Cavia

Van Hallstraat 52-I

Let’s create some space for hope and resistance by watching and discussing alternatives to industrial agriculture at the 2.Dh5 pre-event on February 18th at Filmhuis Cavia!

We want to share two mid-length films with you, showcasing agroecological practices, cultural traditions and community engagement in Burkina Faso and Bolivia, respectively.

As a pre-event to the upcoming 2.Dh5 festival, this movie night will be dedicated to looking at alternatives and strategies to fight our current capitalistic-driven, Eurocentric food systems. We want to (re)introduce to you the broad concept of agroecology, by shedding light on indigenous knowledge and values of community and nature.

After the film screenings, there will be a Q&A discussion with local actors in the agroecology movement.

Extra info

Filmhuis Cavia
Van Hallstraat 52-I Amsterdam
Dutch, English