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2.Dh5 is looking for volunteers! For the upcoming festival on the February 26th and 27th in Amsterdam, we have put together a diverse program and we need all the help we can get to make it run smoothly.

Here is the full list of things we need help with:

  • Taking some shifts helping at the bar
  • Setting up the space (possible shifts on Friday, 25/02 + definite shifts on Saturday morning)
  • Cleaning up (Saturday + Sunday evening) 
  • Greet & direct people at the reception + info table. (Please mention what languages you’re comfortable with, so we can pair people up if needed)
  • Taking notes about sessions & contribute to report-backs & evaluations after the festival 
  • Translations. Either whisper translations or text-based transcriptions – we are still figuring out what form of live translation is best given our resources- let us known what’s best for you & feel free to contribute your ideas and suggestions 

Sign-up as a volunteer by sending us a message at

Let us know if you have any preference/skills in terms of responsibilities (see list above), your availability (shifts of max 2 hours), or any other needs.

If you are comfortable using Signal for communication, please mention your number, and we will add you to the volunteer chat, where we will introduce ourselves, and later send updates & shift schedules. Alternatively, e-mail is also possible.

We really appreciate your help, and hope you have a great festival, can eat some good vegan food, and get to know like-minded people in the process.

We are excited to meet you all soon! 

– L and K