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Practical information


This year 2.Dh5 will be held at Ru Paré in Amsterdam.

Ru Paré
Huis van de wijk Slotervaart
Chris Lebeaustraat 4
1062 DC Amsterdam

How to get there?

By public transport

Ru Paré is at a 6 minutes walk from metro station Postjesweg or a 10 minute walk from train/metro station Lelylaan. You can take tram 1 or 17, bus 18 or metro 50 or 51. 

By car

There are paid parking possibilities in the area at €4,50 per hour on Saturday from 9:00 – 19:00. On Sunday parking is free


2.Dh5 is donation based. We ask for a voluntary donation of €5,- at the door and we serve vegan food at cost prices. There is no pre-sale of ‘tickets’.

Make sure to bring cash (not PIN), for the lunch (donation based), drinks and dinner tickets.

Solidarity fund

For those who need financial support to visit the festival (i.e. for travel expenses), we have a solidarity fund that can (partly or fully) compensate you for those costs.
This will be on a first come first serve basis, but we’ll make sure there are funds available on both days. Would you like to make use of this solidarity fund: ask us at the info stand.
Donations to fill up the pot are welcomed equally!

Food & drinks

A cooking crew will serve organic vegan lunch and dinner at cost prices.


The pandemic is still going on, so we want to make the 2.Dh5 festival as safe and accessible as possible given the current situation. This means that, as a self-organised grassroots festival, each of us takes personal responsibility for the health and safety of those around us. For our part, we have formulated some guidelines to facilitate this.

To participate in the 2.Dh5 festival we ask you to:

  • Do a self-test before arriving at the festival, even if you’re fully vaccinated and boosted. If you don’t have the means to get a self-test, we can provide one at the entrance. Please keep in mind that you’ll have to wait a bit before entering;
  • Wearing a mask (preferably FFP2);
  • Keep each other’s personal space in mind and avoid physical contact with people outside of your common circles;
  • Keep hygienic measures in mind, wash your hands, cough inside your elbow, etc;
  • When having symptoms related to covid, we ask you to stay home;
  • Actively remind your friends and comrades of these points where appropriate;

To make 2.Dh5 as safe and accessible as possible we will:

  • Make sure to provide sanitation to wash your hands regularly;
  • Provide masks at the entrance/info booth;
  • Provide self-tests at the entrance/info booth;
  • Adequate ventilation of all spaces.
  • Keep the maximum number of people per session/workshop low, to provide for more personal space.
  • Livestream a dozen workshops, and make audio recordings
  • Set up a podcast and video channel were recordings can be listened to/viewed after the festival.

Press, own- & social media

The activities during the festival are not freely accessable to journalists. We ask anybody who would like to make recordings – text, audio, or video – to go to the 2.Dh5 info booth by the entrance for details. Any complains about press conduct can be brought to the info booth as well. Please also refrain from tagging individuals or posting images where individuals can be identified.

Sleeping spaces

For folks who want to stay for the night: A sleeping space has been arranged for Saturday night in Amsterdam. To reserve, send an email to, and remember to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

Access Note

This acces note is inspired by Casco’s acces note.

Physical Access

The main entrance for the festival is accessible from the courtyard via the large iron staircase from Thorn Prikkerstraat and by the elevator/lift located to the lower right of the stairs.

Wheelchair Access

The entrance to the elevator is underneath the stairs and is accessible from Jan Eisenioeffeistraat. The lift can also be accessed from the main courtyard by descending down gradual even steps, but this way does not provide consistent arm rail support or ramp access. From the lift, you can enter the main central space, which is on the 2nd floor.

Most of the sessions are on the same floor as the main hall. On that floor is also an accesible toilet.

The ‘yellow room’ sessions and the chill area are on the 3th floor. There is a chair lift on the stairs from the 2nd floor to the 3th floor. We will have someone at the lift to assist before and after sessions.

Unfortunately there is no lift to descend to the 1st floor. But there is an entrance to the 1st floor from Chris Lebeaustraat.

A map with directions will be provided at the info stand of the festival. And because this note is indeed only a note – please get in touch directly with us at to coordinate specific forms of assistance and support in advance. 

In consideration of our visitors with multiple chemical sensitivities and autoimmune illnesses, we kindly ask that you do not wear a fragrance during your visit to the festival.

Low sensory space
We will have multiple areas of the building where you can take space and relax; we will also have a low sensory/stimuli space. 

Service dogs, support animals & companions are all welcomed, will all due considerations to CORONA and other accessibility measures. 

Please also show (basic fucking) solidarity with our youngest comrades and their parenting crew; while we will have a separate children’s space, we’re also designating space within the classrooms for mamas, papas & small humans if they so wish.

Private room for milk expressing
For those who are breastfeeding, we have a designated a private room where you for milk expressing.


Sessions will be held in Dutch or English.
For each workshop the primary language will be announced in the programme. We will provide a whispering-translation-corner at each event for those who don’t speak English, or Dutch.


For this edition will we spend extra attention to make the festival more familiy friendly.

There we will be a separate children’s space with (with care selected) volunteers. And we’ll also designate space within the venues for mamas, papas & small humans if they so wish. 

More details in Dutch below:

Ouders en verzorgers van de nieuwe generatie wereldversleutelaars! 

Laat je kids vooral niet thuis dit jaar, er is weer kinderopvang tijdens het 2Dh5 festival. In een aparte zaal in Ru Pare staan vrijwilligers klaar om kids te vermaken gedurende 2Dh5 sessies. 

Wat kan je van ons verwachten?

  • Vrijwilligers die oppassen worden met zorg uitgezocht.
  • De plek waar kinderen verblijven is veilig, toegankelijk en passend ingericht voor kinderen.
  • Er zal voldoende speelgoed aanwezig zijn zodat kinderen van verschillende leeftijden zich plezierig kunnen vermaken. 
  • Er is iemand aanwezig in het gebouw met een (Kinder-)EHBO-certificaat.
  • We noteren het telefoonnummer van de ouder/verzorger, zodat we kunnen bellen als er iets aan de hand is.
  • Er zullen gezonde snacks klaarliggen.
  • Benodigdheden voor de hygiëne en verzorging van kids zijn aanwezig.
  • Er geldt een maximaal aantal kinderen, afhankelijk van de hoeveelheid aanwezige vrijwilligers. Leidraad hiervoor is de beroepskracht-kindratio (BKR) zoals voorgeschreven door de GGD.

Omdat we met vrijwilligers werken, in plaats van gekwalificeerd pedagogische medewerkers, werken we met een lager maximum. Concreet: een vrijwilliger kan verantwoordelijkheid dragen voor:

  • maximaal 1 baby;
  • maximaal 2 kinderen van 1 tot 2 jaar; 
  • maximaal 3 kinderen van 2 tot 4 jaar; 
  • maximaal 4 kinderen van 4 tot en met 6 jaar; 
  • maximaal 5 kinderen van 7 en ouder. 
  • Het maximaal aantal kinderen die we opvangen per sessie is 6. Hierbij volgen we de wettelijke voorschriften voor kinderopvang, die voorschrijven dat een kinderopvang ten minste over 3,5 m² speelruimte per kind dient te beschikken. De zaal die we tot onze beschikking hebben is 20m².

Hoe werkt het?

De opvang is georganiseerd per sessie van 75 minuten. Opgeven kan op twee manieren:

Wil je verzekerd zijn van een plekje tijdens een specifieke 2Dh5 sessie? Meld jouw kind vooraf aan voor een tijdslot, door een mail te sturen naar

Je mag je kind uiteraard voor meerdere sessies opgeven. Als het gaat om aaneensluitende sessies is het wel de bedoeling dat ouders/verzorgers zorg dragen voor hun eigen kids tijdens de pauze(s).  

Kijk je liever op de dag zelf of je kind naar de 2Dh5 opvang wilt? Ook helemaal goed, er hangt een inschrijflijst bij de opvanglocatie om je kind op te geven voor een tijdslot. Kleine kans dat het dan al vol is.

Private space for milk expressing

There is a private room, the “Orange room”, for expressing milk. Look it up on the floor plan, or ask us where to find it at the info-stand. 

Other needs

In an ideal world 2.Dh5 would be fully accessible to everyone. Sadly this is not possible due tor our limited funds, and the limitations of the venue. Nonetheless, if you have any specific access needs, please don’t hesitate to ask us, or get in touch via and we will do our best to come to a suitable arrangement.

Also if you have any other questions concerning accessibility at 2.Dh5, of if you have any comments of tips, we’d love to hear from you.