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Solidariteit - Amsterdam 2024

Drag & Activism workshop from the House of Extinction

Location Ru Paré

Chris Lebeaustraat 4

Photo of a group of drag activists on a public protests, with a bright red flag with the text "House of Extinction"

With fellow queer activists, The House of Extinction will collectively explore our views on the (history of + contemporary) drag scene and ways to - sustainably - do drag. To fuel this potential and spread like an ethically produced olive oil stain, they will host a safe learning space for queer people and allies coming together to find their freedom in this art form and smash the capitalist cistem, one stiletto [heel] and make up brush at a time.

During the workshop, participants will be provided with a safe space to explore the intersection of drag, gender exploration, and activism.

We will first of all introduce participants to the House of Extinction and our individual and group ethos for why we do drag and how we use it for climate and social justice activism, highlighting how we engage in fashion action against the fast fashion industry. This will include background information on the history of drag and how it continues to be used in activist spaces.

Participants will then have the opportunity to practice basic drag makeup and costuming using the supplies that we will bring. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own makeup and favourite items of clothing. The workshop facilitators will provide tips and tricks and support to all participants and they engage with the drag transformation process. Interested participants will then take part in a catwalk through the main festival area. The workshop will end with a share circle where participants share what they have learned from the workshop.

Extra info

Ru Paré
Chris Lebeaustraat 4 Amsterdam
Brown room