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Solidariteit - Amsterdam 2024

If We Don't Talk About Food, it's Not My Revolution!

Location Ru Paré

Chris Lebeaustraat 4

This workshop is about the intersections between neighborhood solidarity and alternatives to the industrial-capitalist food system.

We will first have a short presentation about how the industrial food system, as a mirror of capitalism itself, necessarily plays a role in the individualisation and fragmentation of neighborhood communities. We will also touch upon its opposite, food autonomy. What is food autonomy, and why is it an essential part of an anarchist society, or a society in which everyone is free? In the second part of the workshop, we will have a guided creative exercise focused on food alternatives at the neighborhood level. Of course, ‘food alternatives’ mean different things to different people: for some, they might simply mean access to affordable meals; for others, they might be opportunities through which to make friends and connections with neighbors; for the rest, they might be where meaningful political action starts! So, what is your community? What exists there, and what is it missing? What does neighborhood solidarity or mutual aid mean to you? Why is it important (is it important)? What can be the role of food in neighborhood solidarity? What sort of projects can you envision, and what would you need? A dumpster? A bakfiets? A building? Let’s think through it together!


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Ru Paré
Chris Lebeaustraat 4 Amsterdam
Red room
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