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Solidariteit - Amsterdam 2024

Party Vondelbunker

Location Vondelbunker

Vondelpark 8

After food and music at the Ru Paré we will end the Saturday again the Vondelbunker. With punk and dj's. Doors open at 21:00. Waterschade plays at 22:00. After that DJs.

Waterschade is a recently founded feminist Haarlem punk band of three riot grrrls and a male drummer. They attract enthusiastically pogoing audiences. Their songs are critical of social phenomena like capitalism, sexism and racism.

ShexPeer seamlessly blends contemporary and traditional Arabic and other Eastern musical influences, encompassing a diverse range of styles and rhythms that promise to shake up any dance floor.

Pepper electrifies the night with her spicy tunes, adding a diverse range of flavors to the night! From funky beats that get your feet moving to breaky drums that make the dance floor sizzle, it's a recipe for a sweaty, groovy time!

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Vondelpark 8 Amsterdam