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Solidariteit - Amsterdam 2024

Tactics and approaches for solidarity through cultural work

Location Ru Paré

Chris Lebeaustraat 4

A variety of tactics is necessary for a struggle to survive and overcome in the face of oppression. This session is aimed at examining and discussing one of their inseparable parts: supporting and participating in resistance through cultural work.

In this workshop, we aim to discuss the impact and practical applications of the methods used by several groups and individuals that employ cultural work to resist oppressive structures.

Through collectively sharing practices and experiences, we want to highlight and share their ways of strengthening solidarity: supporting direct action, encouraging mass resistance, sharing tools and knowledge, making marginalized experiences visible, gathering material and informational support, building networks, and providing support systems through reproductive labour.

In contexts where a struggle isn't physically present, how can we organize around its urgency? At a time where image, text and sound are commodified as content and produced in overwhelming quantities, what are ways of sustaining our collective cultural efforts to retain their purpose and weight? Both in independent and institutional contexts, the speakers of this workshop have thoroughly engaged with these questions through creating and distributing printed materials, organizing surprise banner drops and flyer actions, using digital and social media to document and amplify resistance, and making disruptive performances to intervene in the status quo.

We invite visitors to join, share approaches and expand our organizational toolboxes together.

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Ru Paré
Chris Lebeaustraat 4 Amsterdam
Red room
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