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Morguh - Den Haag 2015

The story of the Spinhuis: how to involve and politicize students

Location PIP

Binckhorstlaan 36
Den Haag

Presentation of the Spinhuis Collective with discussion on how the involve and politicize students.

Students in the Netherlands are nowadays seen as passive and apathic. All over the world students tend to be part of the vanguard of the revolt, but in the Netherlands many students tend to be even more conservative than the older generations. Despite this a group of students squatted an empty building of the University of Amsterdam last September and opened an autonomous student space; open daily and with many succesful events in the evenings.

In this session some of the people of the Spinhuis  Collectief will give a presentation about how and what they have done with the Spinhuis. Afterwards there will be a discussion on how the involve and politicize students where people of the Spinhuis Collectief will talk about their experiences in involving and activating students.

by Spinhuis Collective, a student-squated social center in Amsterdam