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Over de Grens - Maastricht 2016

Transnational activism

Location Caracola Ruimte 1

President Rooseveltlaan 213

Ak Cologne is part of Beyond Europe. This collective mobilises for transnational action against state and capital. Why do they work at the transnational level, and how do they relate to the local, and organise their activities?

In a globalising world, the centres of power moves from national states to transnational and international institutions. no longer are the national states de main source of laws en rules, who forces following the rules and that punishes if nessecary. international or transnational institutions are taking over this position. decissions are being taken on big international conferences somewhere far away, treaties take away the autorithy of national states in favor of the free market. making law and rules is so substracted from so called democratic controle.

This development we have to take into account when we are discussing strategics. the hopping to international tops is maybe an example of such: chasing leaders in an atempt to frustrate there conferences and the decissionmaking. recently there are different initiatifs in Europe to organise people on an european scale against european goverment and more in particular the trojka.

AK Cologne is guest on our festival and will speak about there experience with transnational organising with collectif beyond europe. they will tell us why they think it is important to organise on transnational scale, how to connect that struggle with local conflicts and how to organise transnational practically.

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