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Fite Qlub

Fite Qlub

The society is being dominated by white cisgender heteronormative values and normes, while there are so many stories to tell. There is a lack of space for decolonial and intersectional perspective when it comes to history, gender, culture, art, sexuality, music, body and mind.

Fite Qlub wants to change this narrative and make space for the BIPOC LGBTQI+ and BIPOC non-queer community by making and creating a platform, so people are able to tell their stories and their perspective on different topics. We will make these stories known within and outside our communities, by creating a learning platform. We will offer a place to heal from injustice and trauma and give space to come closer to our basic needs. We will be free from existing systems and imposed labels through sexual liberation.

Fite Qlub represents Asian LGBTQI+ community and will make the community visible by giving space for the unheard voices and unknown problems we face as a community. Asian LGBTQI+ community will be empowered and anti-asian racism will be demolished, along with antiblack-racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia and ableism.