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The PUSCII started as a group running a public Internet workspace in 1998 from a spare space in their squat in the center of Utrecht. From its founding, the main goal was for helping activists, fellow squatters, and just random people to use all of the then new technologies of the internet, and do so freely – that is, both at no cost, and without censorship.

This served as a completely open social and public space, providing free internet access to anybody who wanted to use it, up until 2005. At this point, we had to leave the squat we had been using, and move to a new location – a new squat, directly next to the Utrecht train station. From there we continued our social function of public internet and we provided space for several hacker workshops (wireless antennae building, etc.) which we shared with equally minded people from a different social project, the “Weggeefwinkel” (Literally: Giveaway shop).

In 2007 disaster struck, and we got evicted again. Several attempts have been made to lay claim on a new building, but none lasted longer then two weeks. Luckily, this did not impede us as a group and the virtual projects as well as ad-hoc irl sessions are still happening.

2.Dh5: Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

1 - 2 februari

De veertiende editie van het jaarlijkse 2.Dh5 Festival komt in 1 en 2 februari naar BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, met het thema 'Defeating Dystopia?'.

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januari 2015

za 31 jan, 2015 : 14:30 - 15:45

Autonome actie in een digitale wereld

Hoe moeten we surveillance en big data begrijpen binnen hedendaags kapitalisme? Welke ideologie en economische belangen liggen ten grondslag aan de drang om de hele samenleving in databases op te slaan? Afsluitend een brainstormsessie om te kijken hoe we onze ideeën om kunnen zetten naar de praktijk.

februari 2018

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