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Solidariteit - Amsterdam 2024

The first workshops have been confirmed

The first 18 workshops over 2.Dh5 ‘Crossing Borders, reaching limits’ in Maastricht have been confirmed. So far with six English language workshop, and many more to come. So make sure to put February 19, 20 en 21 in your agenda.

The workshops will take place on Febuary 20th or 21st in Caracola (President Rooseveltlaan 213, Maastricht). De definitive dates and times of the workshops are currently being worked out, and will be made known soon, when we also present the rest of the programme.

We are also working hard on the cultural programme for Friday 19th, and the big party on the 20th at the Landbouwbelang on Saturday evening. For those who need it we are also providing sleeping place. In short, put down 2.Dh5, Feb. 19, 20 en 21 in your agenda. 

English workshops

Dutch workshops (translation provided)

What is 2.Dh5?

Ten years ago we started organizing such a festival because we thought it would be good to organize space for the exchange of information and knowledge about methods, tactics and strategies to achieve change. The name 2dh5 stems from a bold and mostly fatal chess move.

We like to move around with the festival and choose a new city every second year. This time, for the first time it will be held in Maastricht.

The festival is all DIY and low-budget, but we also try to ‘offer quality’. But we expect participants to help out and play an active role in the program. The festival starts on Friday Febuary 19th with a quiz and some cultural fun. On Saturday evening there will be a party, with also some serious elements. But workshops and presentations will continue at the main location on Sunday again.

We ask for a small participation fee, and we serve food at cost prices.

We urge people who want to stay overnight to find lodging with friends, but can offer rudimentary sleeping place (if people bring a camping mattress and sleeping bag, and  register at:

Many workshops will be in English, but most are in Dutch. We will provide a whisper-translation-corner at each workshop.