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Poison Paradise Party (ACU)

za 1 feb, 2020 : 18:30 - zo 2 feb, 2020 : 03:00

Dinner (Taste Before You Waste), spoken word, upcoming action horizon extravaganza, protest songs, antifa hip hop and DJ sets: Marikit, MC Mustaj, Joke Kaviaar, Kalib Batta, Kai, specially awkward B2B DJ set from Dis-graCe & DisComFort, closing by Deadwave Radio.


  • Dinner (TBYW)
  • 19:00: Joke Kaviaar
  • 19:30: Kalib Batta
  • 20:00: Extravaganza
  • 21:00 – 21:30: Kai
  • 21:40 – 22:20: Marikit
  • 22:30 – 23:15: MC: Mustaj
  • 23:30 – 01:15: Dis-graCe & DisComFort
  • 01:15 – 03:00: Deadwave Radio


za 1 feb, 2020 : 18:30
zo 2 feb, 2020 : 03:00
2.Dh5 Festival:


Voorstraat 71
Utrecht, Netherlands



Marikit is a Filipina rapper, singer and songwriter. She is known for her politically charged songs that are inspired by her experiences being a political refugee, young migrant worker and human rights activist. Her storytelling lyrics, genuine personality and constantly alternating musical styles makes her performances memorable for every audience.

MC Mustaj

MC Mustaj is a rapper and producer who mixes reggaeton, dancehall, hip-hop and electronic music and raps and sings over them in a combination of Dutch, English and Spanish. With her music she wants to enrich the body of music with critical sexy rap texts that are inclusive of different sexualities and experiences of reality. To refer to her music, she uses the term Queercochino, where ‘queer’ is merged with ‘cochino’– a Spanish word that means ‘dirty’¬. For she loves to get dirty and nasty on the dancefloor and she aims for her music to do the same for others!

Kalib Batta

Kalib Batta is an Afro-Carribean, polyamorous, panromantic, demisexual, nongender artist and writer, who seeks to destroy the mantle of patriarchy hidden in our worlds, to find community through art and heal from internalized oppressions.


Kai is queer, trans, POC en een activist. Hun dromen gaan over regen, schildpadden en de revolutie. Hun reist graag rond met tent en gitaar en hun speelt activistische muziek op straat in de hoop dat het mensen inspireert en fascisten boos maakt.

Joke Kaviaar

Joke Kaviaar is een dichtend activiste en schrijft naast poëzie ook songteksten, verhalen en artikelen, vooral in het Nederlands maar ook in het Engels. Ze maakt ook pentekeningen. In december 2016 bracht uitgeverij Troje van haar een verzamelbundel uit getiteld ‘Vuile Wapens Schone Handen’, met gedichten en tekeningen. Samen met Peter Storm vormt ze ‘Your Local Pirates’, ‘een stel zingende rebellen’ die spelen waar het maar kan ‘om de atmosfeer nog opstandiger te maken dan die al is’. Your Local Pirates heeft in december 2019 een CD uitgebracht met de titel ‘A Fair Warning’ en tourt daarmee op het moment rond.
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Dis-graCe & DisComFort

Amiss, misanthropic and unsuitable selection of random tracks from crust-punk, cumbia beats and electro-wave sounds. To be ready for the worse it is a must on the dance floor: no shame for the creatures of the night! Specially awkward set BackToBack with Dj DisComFort, who will drag their screamo soul to make sure there are gonna be enough uncomfortable music changes from a wide range of silliness, electro and trash!
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Deadwave Radio

Mutant dance vibes to help ease the caustic soda down your throat. A selection of beats and breaks from classic early 90's breakbeat jungle and drum n bass.
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