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Power - Amsterdam 2019

The rise of the far-right and fascism today

Presentation + discussion
Location Cinema (OT301)

Overtoom 301

How can we understand this global rise of the far-right? How can we best understand the project of FvD? How can we build the broad anti-fascist coalition which is needed to counter this threath?

The election of the fascist conspiracy-thinker Bolsonaro as president of Brasil is the latest example of the insurgance of the far-right today. Also in Europe far-right and fascist parties are taking part in government. In the Netherlands Forum voor Democratie is growing rapidly and, contrary to Wilders, building a party apparatus. The centre of the party stands in a fascist tradition, while a larger layer of softer members provides them with more legitimacy.



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Cinema (OT301)
Overtoom 301 Amsterdam
Cinema (upstairs)
Presentation + discussion