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Defeating Dystopia? - Utrecht 2020

Desert (Anonymous) discussie

Open discussion
Location Library (BAK)

Pauwstraat 13A

“It’s not the despair — I can handle the despair. It’s the hope I can’t handle.”

Something haunts many activists, anarchists, environmentalists, many of my friends. It haunted me. Much of our subcultures tell us it’s not there, that we can’t see it, hear it. Our best wishes for the world tell us not to see it. But for many, despite their best efforts — carrying on with the normal activism, the movement building, living both according to and as an expression of their ethics — despite all this, the spectre gains form. The faint image grows more solid, more unavoidable, until the ghost is staring one in the face. And like many monsters of past tales, when its gaze is met — people freeze. Become unable to move. Give up hope; become disillusioned and inactive. This malaise, freezing, not only slows ‘activist workload’, but I have seen it affect every facet of many of my friends’ lives.

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Library (BAK)
Pauwstraat 13A Utrecht
Open discussion