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Difficult Solidarity: When The Left Comes To Power

za 23 feb, 2019 : 16:30 - 17:45

The immeadiate reason for this workshop is the debate that emerged around the statement of the Zapatistas/EZLN in the South of Mexico, warning the new cente-left president Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) that they will resist his ‘development’ projects in the region if needed. This declaration has caused quite some debate in leftist circles all over the world (and in Mexico).


za 23 feb, 2019
16:30 - 17:45
2.Dh5 Festival:
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Lounge (OT301)
Overtoom 301
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Jorge DS

Jorge is an independent PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Leiden. His research is focused on the strategic use of argumentative language in communiqués issued by groups in Mexico claiming and justify radical actions. He works writing about gift economy and non-markets societies. He's the co-founder of the former SMX Collective and co-developed the campaign _Money Laundering Kills_. Among his interests are propaganda, gift economy, autonomy and autonomous spaces, and cooperativism. As a hobby, he bakes bread.

Luisa Steur

Anthropologist who has done extensive research in Kerala on the dilemmas around the Communist party's reluctance to allow political space for Dalit and Adivasi-led movements seeking to eradicate caste (and thereby class!) - and more broadly on the problematic consequences of the Left's lack of insight on caste in India.

Alexander Beunder

Economist/journalist who researched the numerous gaps between the socialist, ecologist and anti-imperialist rhetoric of Bolivia's president Evo Morales and his actual policies.

Kees Stad

Publicist, activist en andersglobalist
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Lounge (upstairs)
Presentation + discussion