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Solidariteit - Amsterdam 2024

Dinner + Live: Baschira & Roleda

Location Ru Paré

Chris Lebeaustraat 4

Dinner prepared by de Sering + Live: Baschira & Roleda (Kurdish/Italian revolutionary music) - from 19:30

Saturday evening there will be delicious food served by De Sering (6-10 €).

After dinner around 19:30 Roleda and Baschira will perform some songs of love, friendship, dignity, and resistance against any oppression. Afterwards there will be a party at the Vondelbunker.

Roleda, is an artist who pushes the limits of auditory and physical experiences through the essence and contemporary structures of music and theater. With a unique blend of Dengbêjî (Kurdish music genre), jazz, blues, reggae, and various folkloric music genres, Roleda approaches music with a performative understanding.

Baschira is Davide Cristiani’s brainchild. The artist, originally from Bologna, has lived in Amsterdam for years. He talks about the ones with no voice, victims of abuse and social injustice in the role of Prospero Baschieri (Baschira), a brigand who lived in the early nineteenth century.

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Ru Paré
Chris Lebeaustraat 4 Amsterdam