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Changing the Game - Amsterdam 2022

The Time of Monsters: Visionary fiction co(i)nspiration against the capitalist Hydra

Location Green room - Ru Paré

Chris Lebeaustraat 4

They say that there is a monster that has multiple heads, that has many ways to dominate and that bites everywhere. Let's summon the monsters that are going to rip out the heart of this Capitalist Hydra.

They say that if a head is cut off from this monster, two are reborn. That it transforms and changes its shapes, colors and voices. That humiliation and dispossession are its fuel, that in division, terror and injustice it finds its pleasure, and that with war and oblivion it savors its next prey. The most terrifying thing about this monster is that it is real, the most bloodthirsty and cruel since history was divided between dominators and dominated.

Fortunately this monster is not omnipotent, nor immortal. Although the Capitalist Hydra defends itself against attacks pretending to be innocent and claiming that the monsters are the others, those degenerates who do not conform, who do not assimilate and who do not forget, that is where their greatest weakness lies.

In the Zapatista journey through Slumil K’ajxemk’op, we had the opportunity to accompany them and to meet the organizations and collectives in the Netherlands that fight for life, and among the projects that these collectives shared with us, we found a stomach that kneaded energy sovereignty, an arm that provided food autonomy, a heart that beat climate justice, a head that contrived economic restoration, and some claws that led to racial and gender dehierarchization. What would happen if a complete body was composed of these parts?

Because we build something we can’t see, during the workshop in the 2.Dh5, we would conjure up a co(i)nspiration of beings and collectives to summon the monsters capable of ripping out the heart of the Hydra. We must truly be those monsters it says we are. We will be its worst nightmare.

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Green room - Ru Paré
Chris Lebeaustraat 4 Amsterdam
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