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The heart of our work is the creation of transformative learning spaces, often in the form of (residential) trainings.

Feros' facilitation is based in experiential learning and combines methods that engage participants on the level of heart (emotions), head (thinking and concepts) and hands (practical experience / embodiment). They bring a non-hierchical approach to learning and approach group dynamics through the lense of queer intersectional feminism. Feros aims to create a group culture of collective care, where active listening and accountability bring a greater sense of safety and inclusivity.

  • Feros as an invitation to connect ourselves to our fierceness, like férocité in french
  • Feros as an inspiration from feral animals, that go back to wildlife after being domesticated
  • Feros as a combination of Eros, for passionate love, and Fer, for the resistance of iron
  • Feros is a collective offering workshops around sustainable and regenerative activism for all who want to strengthen their activist groups and to find more resilience in their social engagement.



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