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Building a Transportation Commons: The Carry Goods Network

za 1 feb, 2020 : 14:00 - 15:15

The next step up from the Schokofahrt, where cyclists distribute chocolate long distance to different cities. Crossing another limit, as well as borders. We are setting up a network to transport goods. Starting from a more people- and life-friendly do-it-together-approach. For this transport commons, we are developing a community, a structure and a storyline. So, let’s move-it-together!


za 1 feb, 2020
14:00 - 15:15
2.Dh5 Festival:
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Library (BAK)
Pauwstraat 13A
Utrecht, Netherlands


Nikolai (Schokofahrt)

When he started the Schokofahrt in 2017 together with 3 friends, Nikolai didn't think of himself an activist. What he was: A psychologist working as a business consultant, with a liking for cargobikes, cycling tours - and, of course, chocolate. But this tour really became a starting point for a personal transformation. And not only for him. The Schokofahrt became a movement, in which lately 300 people moved 2.5 tons of chocolate to all over Germany and Austria, self-organized and only by muscle power. (The preceding transportation of cacao is done by sailing boat.) While working to extend this network and its capabilities for sustainable peer-to-peer transport, Nikolai is still fascinated by the driving motivation and joy that all those who join in experience, from feeling self efficient, empowered and connected. The Schokofahrt can serve as a case example for an international peer-to-peer transportation network, building on gathered experience and factors for success (and failure), like a neat, easy-to-grasp story or an easy accessability also for "non-activsts".
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Dylan (Vrijemarkt)

Alle producten van de vrije markt worden gemaakt in en gedistribueerd door vrije bedrijven. De medewerkers bepalen daar samen wat en hoe(veel) ze produceren. En wat ze met de opbrengst doen! Regelmatig besluiten ze dan andere sociale projecten te ondersteunen. En wat er over blijft als winst, wordt eerlijk verdeeld. Bovendien gebeurt dit alles met groot respect voor natuur en klimaat. English All products sold at de Vrije Markt (the Free Market) are manufactured and distributed by free companies. The staff there together determine what and how (much) they produce. And what they do with the proceeds! Frequently they decide to support other social projects. And what is left as profit, is fairly distributed. Moreover, all this is done with great respect for nature and environment. You can also link to a more extensive bio/explanation in dutch here. Related to the topic of the meeting, you could mention that although i sell products from free companies which are distributed by free companies, the actual logistics of getting it to the netherlands is largely done through conventional companies which are run like dictatorships. Which is of course rather problematic.
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