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Luisa Steur

Anthropologist who has done extensive research in Kerala on the dilemmas around the Communist party’s reluctance to allow political space for Dalit and Adivasi-led movements seeking to eradicate caste (and thereby class!) – and more broadly on the problematic consequences of the Left’s lack of insight on caste in India.

2.Dh5: Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

Utrecht 2020 - Defeating Dystopia?

1 - 2 februari

De veertiende editie van het jaarlijkse 2.Dh5 Festival komt in 1 en 2 februari naar BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, met het thema 'Defeating Dystopia?'.

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februari 2019

za 23 feb, 2019 : 16:30 - 17:45

Difficult Solidarity: When The Left Comes To Power

Discussion about how to act as solidarity activists when the left comes to power and claims to need support for their policies. We alos want to have a critical debate on the state of Dutch initiatives for international solidarity.

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