Climate change, conflict and migration

Panel discussion about the future of the nexus climate change, energy security, migration, (armed) conflict and arms trade. Why should social movements active on these subjects work together and how can we cooperate to tackle the intertwined issues?

Bewegingsgeschiedenis: Acties tegen Shell in de jaren 80 en 90

Honderden acties werden er in de jaren 1980 tegen Shell gevoerd. Van brandstichting tot bezettingen en keurige picketlines en vooral: het doorsnijden van slangen bij het pompstation werd daarbij ingezet. Hoe lukte het om half Nederland op de been te krijgen om risicovolle directe acties te ondernemen? En wat was het resultaat van al die acties?

Lessons from Rojava

Internationalists discuss their experiences in Rojava, the ideology and structure of the Rojava Revolution and the current situation of the region. What can we in a European context learn from northern Syria? Particular emphasis on the women's revolution.

Feminist and intersectional takes on the climate crisis

In this interactive workshop intersectional feminist researcher Karijn van den Berg is joined by several activists, organisers and thinkers to discuss and strengthen feminist intersectional approaches to our current socio-ecological crises. We will discuss the importance of intersectional action for climate justice, connecting with other issues and movements, and how to put this into practice.

Difficult Solidarity: When The Left Comes To Power

Discussion about how to act as solidarity activists when the left comes to power and claims to need support for their policies. We alos want to have a critical debate on the state of Dutch initiatives for international solidarity.

Constructing narratives for change / Learning from the Zapatistas

Taking the Zapatista uprising as an example Jorge DS explains what we can learn from the their use of narrative and rhetoric in making social change. Jerry Afriyie (Nederland Wordt Beter/KOZP) and Harriet Bergman (Code Rood) will reflect on their own experiences in the Netherlands. Moderator: Merel de Buck